On August 1, 2015, people all over the world will pick up a water gun, fill up water balloons, and battle their way to EPIC water victory or wallow in BITTER water defeat. Will you be there?




BLUE TEAM ONLY: Update your cover photo to be this picture!


RED TEAM ONLY: Update your cover photo to be this picture!


What is this thing?
It's the end of summer (in the northern hemisphere at least). This is an excuse to throw a huge water fight in your town, meet a bunch of cool new people, and have a ton of fun.
When is the World Water Fight?
The world-wide event starts at 12:01 AM in your local time on August 1, 2015. Local events will have their own start and end times.
How do I find my local event?
We have a directory of local events available here.
This is lame, there's no event in my town!
That's not a question, but we forgive you. Clearly you are a trendsetter in your town so why don't you create your own event? We have tons of tips to make it easier for you.
What are the rules?
The rules are pretty simple. You pick a team (red or blue) and show up to your local event wearing a WHITE t-shirt proudly labeled with the name of your team. Arrive on time, join your teammates and have fun! If your local event wants to get more specific with rules than that, they'll let you know. ;)
Is anything forbidden?
Do not engage with non-combatants. In other words, do not just go around and soak random strangers. This may sound like fun, but will probably get you in a ton of trouble. Also, keep in mind that this is all in good fun and will include youth and adults. Go easy on folks if you are more l33t than them.
How do I design a t-shirt?
Your creativity is the limit! Maybe you'll use puff paint or fabric markers. You can also wear other team-color appropriate gear (headbands, armbands, socks, etc.). Go crazy!


All events are put on by local volunteers. Check with the coordinators for details!

Riverside, CA, United States


World Water Fight - Kansas City, MO, USA
Kansas City, KS, United States


Your City, Your Country, Earth



It's super easy to host an event! Follow the steps below and post to this Facebook page if you have any questions.
  1. Find a location for the event.
    Public parks are the best. The location should have parking, multiple water spigots to refill, and should be a place where water spraying all over the place won't result in the police being called.
  2. Ask if water guns and water balloons are OK.
    Contact the park ranger/property manager and find out if you can bring people to have a water gun fight. Many places don't allow water balloons. Find out and post to your event what is and is not allowed. Find out if there is a fee to park or enter the park and include that on your event page. (The event itself has to be free.)
  3. Decide on a time range.
    While a 24 hour water fight would be pretty epic, you'll get the most people if you pick a 2-3 hour window. Mid-day is probably best.
  4. Post a Facebook Event and start inviting people!
    You can see how by looking at our first two events, Tampa and Inland Empire. Once you are done posting your Facebook event, come back to this page and add your event to the main directory.

Promote your event

Download and customize the event flyer templates! Word Doc and Pages

We love event hosts!

The first 10 event hosts will get free stickers! After you post your event, friend me then send me a message with your address and I'll send you World Water Fight stickers!

Rules: You have to be making a new event for your city and at least 100 people have to be invited to the event.

This project is proudly based out of Tampa, Florida, USA and put on by @whoisgregg and @thatgirlallie. Participate in this event at your own risk.